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29/06/2018 - Bronze cultural relic restoration device
29/06/2018 - Modular assembling damping and energy dissipating device capable of enhancing earthquake resistance of cultural relic cabinet and assembly method thereof
29/06/2018 - Device for testing grouting pressure of fractures of earthen archaeological site
29/06/2018 - Formula of resing sports cultural propaganda device
29/06/2018 - A horizontal prevention of seepage drainage combined material of high air -permeability for stone cultural relic protection
29/06/2018 - Subtract rod -type elasticity clay attenuator of shock insulation and impact
29/06/2018 - Subway station culture wall display device
29/06/2018 - 3D Method for building of high precision 3D cultural heritage and web service
19/04/2018 - 3 PTM PTM PTM making system with improved shape of 3D model and method using the same
19/04/2018 - 3 PTM PTM PTM making system based on 3D model with interactive viewpoint control and method using the same
29/03/2018 - Apparatus and method for Korea cultural heritage goods information contents listing and trading system on the e-marketplace
28/03/2018 - Ram native feature wall
28/03/2018 - Solar energy cultural media propagates device
28/03/2018 - Historical relic microenvironment multifunctional protector device
28/03/2018 - Multi -functional collection protection device
28/03/2018 - Non -material cultural heritage system of reporing
27/03/2018 - Online exchange of non -material cultural heritage inheritance people and contact platform
22/03/2018 - Adjustable pressure cultural relic display cabinet
22/03/2018 - High accuracy scanning record historical relic field data's information collecting and processing device
22/03/2018 - Cultural relic protection device based on wireless sensor network
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