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10/04/2021 - People and biodiversity in the 21st century
10/04/2021 - Recording Unmarked Graves in a Remote Aboriginal Community: The Challenge of Cultural Heritage Driving Sustainable Development
10/04/2021 - Chen Ziying and Woods Hole: Bringing the Marine Biological Laboratory to Amoy, China, 1930–1936
10/04/2021 - Evaluation on anchoring force demands of typical damaged rammed earth city wall sites under earthquake
10/04/2021 - Coastal green infrastructure to mitigate coastal squeeze
10/04/2021 - A 3-D morphological approach on spatial form and cultural identity of ethnic mountain settlements: Case from Guizhou, China
10/04/2021 - Ecotourism development in Penang Hill: a multi-stakeholder perspective towards achieving environmental sustainability
10/04/2021 - Assessing Socio-ecological Systems Using Social Media Data: An Approach for Forested Landscapes in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
10/04/2021 - Wood forest resource consumption impact assessment based on a scarcity index accounting for wood functionality and substitutability (WoodSI)
10/04/2021 - Quality blues: traditional knowledge used for natural indigo identification in southern China
10/04/2021 - Falconry petroglyphs in Iran: new findings on the nexus between ancient humans and birds of prey
10/04/2021 - Gardens of the Coromandel Coast: Landscape Considerations of Commercial Agriculture in Tamil Nadu, South India
10/04/2021 - Valdivia: Intercultural Relations along the Southern Frontier of the Spanish Empire in America during the Colonial Period (1552–1820)
10/04/2021 - Waste Fruit Peel Mediated Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles and Its Antibacterial Activity
10/04/2021 - Seeking Radical Solidarity in Heritage Studies: Exploring the Intersection of Black Feminist Archaeologies and Geographies in Oak Bluffs, MA
10/04/2021 - A Multi-agency Perspective Regarding Compliance and Communication
10/04/2021 - Exploring the Preconditions for a Developmental Science: Hegelian Metaphysics and Dialectics
10/04/2021 - Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper”: a case study to evaluate the influence of visitors on the Museum preservation systems
03/04/2021 - Integrating expert feedback on the spot in a time-efficient explorative CT scanning workflow for cultural heritage objects
03/04/2021 - Survey and literature study to provide insights on the application of 3D technologies in objects conservation and restoration
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