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19/09/2020 - Craquelures and pictorial matter
19/09/2020 - Post-Mining—a Holistic Approach
19/09/2020 - Importance of Indigenous elders’ contributions to individual and community wellness: results from a scoping review on social participation and intergenerational solidarity
19/09/2020 - Seismic vulnerability analysis of medieval rammed earth fortifications in southeastern Spain
19/09/2020 - Implementing the guidelines for social life cycle assessment: past, present, and future
19/09/2020 - Big Spatial Data Management for the Internet of Things: A Survey
19/09/2020 - The Ancient Tree Inventory: a summary of the results of a 15 year citizen science project recording ancient, veteran and notable trees across the UK
19/09/2020 - Microbiome and nitrate removal processes by microorganisms on the ancient Preah Vihear temple of Cambodia revealed by metagenomics and N-15 isotope analyses
19/09/2020 - The Tale of Two Capital Cities: the Effects of Urbanisation and Spatial Planning Heritage in Zimbabwe and Zambia
19/09/2020 - The Good Death and the Materiality of Mourning: Nineteenth- to Twentieth-Century Coastal Ireland
19/09/2020 - Should Hunting as a Cultural Heritage Be Protected?
19/09/2020 - Provenance analysis of the granitic ashlars used in the construction of the Roman theatre in Emerita Augusta (Merida, Spain)
19/09/2020 - Programmatic Crisis and Moralization of the Politics: a Proposal to Define the Bolsonarism from the Experience with the Covid-19 Pandemic
19/09/2020 - Metallurgical and Technological Investigation with Experimental Archaeometallurgical Reproduction of a Lombard Bronze Buckle from North Italy
19/09/2020 - “Missing Cemeteries” and Structural Racism: Historical Maps and Endangered African/African American and Hispanic Mortuary Customs in Texas
19/09/2020 - Genetic characterization of European potato onion ( Allium cepa var Aggregatum G. Don) collections
19/09/2020 - Patterns in the transmission of traditional ecological knowledge: a case study from Arnhem Land, Australia
19/09/2020 - How cognitive links and decision-making capacity shape sectoral experts’ recognition of climate knowledge for adaptation
19/09/2020 - Biological kinship in 750 year old human remains from Central Argentina with signs of interpersonal violence
12/09/2020 - “St. Joseph with the Child” by Gian Lorenzo Bernini: A definitive artwork or a preparatory drawing? A multidisciplinary study of the only autograph painting of the Artist, preserved at Palazzo Chigi of Ariccia (Rome)
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