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24/07/2021 - Prehistoric Mongolian Archaeology in the Early 21st Century: Developments in the Steppe and Beyond
24/07/2021 - Archaeological Approaches to Agricultural Economies
24/07/2021 - Challenges and Paradoxes in Decolonising HCI: A Critical Discussion
24/07/2021 - Public participation in decision-making processes in the planning for nature parks: the case of Istanbul’s Belgrad Forest
24/07/2021 - Discreet Signs of the Supreme Idea: On Certain Transcendent Categories in Russian and Soviet Constitutional Law
24/07/2021 - Archives and Transitional Justice in Chile: A Crucial Relationship
24/07/2021 - Large-scale afforestation for ecosystem service provisioning: learning from the past to improve the future
17/07/2021 - Monitoring the Deterioration of Masonry Relics at a UNESCO World Heritage Site
17/07/2021 - Family firm internationalization: Past research and an agenda for the future
17/07/2021 - An overview of 3D laser scanning techniques and application on digitization of historical structures
17/07/2021 - Post-genotyping optimization of dataset formation could affect genetic diversity parameters: an example of analyses with alpine goat breeds
17/07/2021 - Forest management for optimizing soil protection: a landscape-level approach
17/07/2021 - National archives’ priorities: an international overview
17/07/2021 - Surface profile-guided scan method for autonomous 3D reconstruction of unknown objects using an industrial robot
17/07/2021 - Linking geological heritage and geoethics with a particular emphasis on palaeontological heritage: the new concept of ‘palaeontoethics’
17/07/2021 - John Stuart Mill, soft paternalist
17/07/2021 - Digitally Assisted Preservation and Restoration of a Fragmented Mural in a Tang Tomb
10/07/2021 - The identification of fish oils in 20th century paints and paintings
10/07/2021 - Nano Ca(OH)2: A review on synthesis, properties and applications
10/07/2021 - The effectiveness of di-ammonium hydrogen phosphate (DAP) consolidation treatment on lime-based mortars weathered by freeze-thaw cycles
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