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16/10/2021 - Status of ecotourism in Nepal: a case of Bhadaure-Tamagi village of Panchase area
16/10/2021 - Social representations of socioenvironmental dynamics in extractive ecosystems and conservation practices with sustainable development: a bibliometric analysis
16/10/2021 - 50 Years on, w(h)ither the Ramsar convention? A case of institutional drift
16/10/2021 - Phase analysis of iron oxides forming the red pigment layer of the ancient earthenwares excavated from the southern Korean Peninsula
16/10/2021 - Glass-based pigments in painting: smalt blue and lead–tin yellow type II
16/10/2021 - FAIR Data and Cultural Heritage Special Issue Editorial Note
16/10/2021 - Mortars and plasters—how to manage mortars and plasters conservation
16/10/2021 - Characterizing the pigments and paints of prehistoric artists
16/10/2021 - How the Future Fell from Grace and How to Repair I. Changes in Time-Consciousness in the Late Twentieth and Early Twenty-first Century: a Response to Joe Davidson’s “From the Future to the Past (and Back Again?): a Review of Aleida Assmann’s Is Time Out of Joint? On the Rise and Fall of the Modern Time Regime (Ithaca: Cornell University Press and Cornell University Library, 2020)”
16/10/2021 - Building capacity for transformative learning: lessons from crossdisciplinary and cross-sector education and research
16/10/2021 - Not only wall paintings—pigments for cosmetics
16/10/2021 - A computerized facial approximation method for archaic humans based on dense facial soft tissue thickness depths
16/10/2021 - The Influence of Culture on Entrepreneurship: Differences Between the Perceptions of Portuguese and Spanish Cultures
16/10/2021 - Exploring trade-offs between SDGs for Indus River Dolphin conservation and human water security in the regulated Beas River, India
16/10/2021 - The arbitration of nature: state, water, and civil engineering in Northern Ireland directly after partition
16/10/2021 - A retrospective towards a biodegradable material concept for future Indonesian sustainable architecture
09/10/2021 - Reconstructing “Lost” Vessels: A Methodology for Applying Photogrammetric Techniques to Historical Photographs
09/10/2021 - The value of estuarine producers to fisheries: A case study of Richmond River Estuary
09/10/2021 - Social differentiation and well-being in the Italian Iron Age: exploring the relationship between sex, age, biological stress, and burial complexity among the Picenes of Novilara (8th–7th c. BC)
09/10/2021 - The alpine rural landscape as a cultural reserve: the case study of Teglio in Valtellina
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