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23/09/2023 - Instruments for the Legal Protection of Digitized Cultural Heritage in Colombia
23/09/2023 - Built cultural heritage and quality of life in a context of peripheralisation. A case study of ten historic towns at the German–Polish border
23/09/2023 - Assessing the performance of sustainability in Ibadan peri-urban areas, Nigeria
23/09/2023 - Sustainable interventions to improve the degrading visual quality of place and street spaces in urban hill town of Shimla region, Himachal Pradesh
23/09/2023 - Multisystemic Resilience and Psychosocial Wellbeing among Older Refugees: A Systematic Review with Implications for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS)
16/09/2023 - Aspects of traditional agricultural landscapes: potential alternative development paths for sustainable agriculture—A review
16/09/2023 - Microbiome Diversity and Cellulose Decomposition Processes by Microorganisms on the Ancient Wooden Seawall of Qiantang River of Hangzhou, China
16/09/2023 - How was rural tourism developed in China? Examining the impact of China’s evolving rural tourism policies
16/09/2023 - Methacrylated gellan gum hydrogel: a smart tool to face complex problems in the cleaning of paper materials
09/09/2023 - Creating predictive social impact models of engineered products using synthetic populations
09/09/2023 - Indoor air quality for heritage objects and human health: just a different interpretation of the same measurements?
09/09/2023 - The spatial nexus of monuments, memorability and identity formation in Chatsworth and Durban Central, South Africa
09/09/2023 - One-Pot Multi-frame Denoising
09/09/2023 - Fast adaptive multimodal feature registration (FAMFR): an effective high-resolution point clouds registration workflow for cultural heritage interiors
09/09/2023 - Influencing factors and innovative paths for the transmission of rural pictures in the protection of ecological and environmental heritage
02/09/2023 - Safeguarding Cultural Heritage in the Digital Era – A Critical Challenge
02/09/2023 - Cultural Heritage Accessibility in the Digital Era and the Greek Legal Framework
02/09/2023 - 3D Printed Thermoplastic Composite-Based Innovative Solutions for Heritage Structures: A Review on Technology to Application
02/09/2023 - Are Digital Cultural Commons Culturally Diverse?
02/09/2023 - Digital Restitution of Cultural Goods: In Search of a Working Model
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