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03/07/2020 - Sustainable utilization of medicinal plants and conservation strategies practiced by the aboriginals of Purulia district, India: a case study on therapeutics used against some tropical otorhinolaryngologic and ophthalmic disorders
02/07/2020 - Natural reinforcing effect of inorganic colloids on excavated ancient jades
02/07/2020 - The influence of pre-wetting with consolidants on the adhesion of double-layer lime based mortars
02/07/2020 - A fast non-invasive method for preliminary authentication of mediaeval glass enamels using UV–visible–NIR diffuse reflectance spectrophotometry
02/07/2020 - Green space networks as natural infrastructures in PERI-URBAN areas
02/07/2020 - Techniques and applications for the study and preservation of the cultural heritage of Extremadura (Spain)
01/07/2020 - A review of the nature, role and control of lithobionts on stone cultural heritage: weighing-up and managing biodeterioration and bioprotection
01/07/2020 - “Their Markers as they Go”: Modified Trees as Waypoints in the Dena’ina Cultural Landscape, Alaska
01/07/2020 - A Hopeless Search for the Hopeless: a Literature Review of Contemporary Qualitative Studies on Partner Bereavement
30/06/2020 - Non-destructive quantitative analysis of nano-mechanics of aged Xuan paper
30/06/2020 - The Notion of “Cultural Heritage” in the International Field: Behind Origin and Evolution of a Concept
30/06/2020 - Monitoring ground deformation of cultural heritage sites using SAR and geodetic techniques: the case study of Choirokoitia, Cyprus
30/06/2020 - DRIVEN to Stop Violence: A Group Intervention to Prevent Dating Violence Among Latino College Students
30/06/2020 - Crack channelling mechanisms in brittle coating systems under moisture or temperature gradients
29/06/2020 - Universal analytical method for characterization of yellow and related natural dyes in liturgical vestments from Krakow
29/06/2020 - Non-destructive imaging of ancient marquetries using active thermography and photothermal coherence tomography
29/06/2020 - Evaluation of social network conservation in historical areas of mountainous towns in Chongqing, China
25/06/2020 - Guinea Pigs in the Spanish Colonial Andes: Culinary and Ritual Transformations
24/06/2020 - Improvement of water resistance and thermal comfort of earth renders by cow dung: an ancestral practice of Burkina Faso
24/06/2020 - Cast a different iron: Grey and mottled cast iron production in early China
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