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21/11/2020 - Non-invasive X-ray investigations of medieval sculptures: New insights on “applied tin-relief brocade” technique
21/11/2020 - The active microbes and biochemical processes contributing to deterioration of Angkor sandstone monuments under the tropical climate in Cambodia – A review
21/11/2020 - An in-depth study on the agar gel effectiveness for built heritage cleaning
21/11/2020 - Influence of particle size distribution of pigments on depth profiling of murals using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
21/11/2020 - Microbial decontamination of lignocellulosic materials with low-temperature atmospheric plasma
21/11/2020 - Density measurements as a non-destructive approach to investigate the heat treatment of siliceous lithic artefacts
21/11/2020 - Analysing, modelling and promoting tangible and intangible values of building heritage with historic flame lighting system
21/11/2020 - Salt crystallization dynamics in indoor environments: Stone weathering in the Muñoz Chapel of the Cathedral of Santa María (Cuenca, central Spain)
14/11/2020 - Non-invasive study of natural dyes in textiles of the Qing Dynasty using fiber optic reflectance spectroscopy
14/11/2020 - New evidence of long-distance interaction across the Himalayas: Faience beads from Western Tibet
07/11/2020 - Study of microbial melanin decolorization from carbonatic stones surfaces
07/11/2020 - Using CarcassonNet to automatically detect and trace hollow roads in LiDAR data from the Netherlands
07/11/2020 - Michael Falser, Angkor Wat: A Transcultural History of Heritage, 2 vols. Berlin: De Gruyter GmbH, 2020
07/11/2020 - Textbooks, Postcards, and the Public Consolidation of Nationalism in Latin America
07/11/2020 - Educational Values in Human Rights Treaties: UN, European, and African International Law
31/10/2020 - X-reality technologies for museums: a comparative evaluation based on presence and visitors experience through user studies
31/10/2020 - Wood identification of some coffins from the Necropolis of Thebes held in the collection of the Egyptian Museum in Florence
31/10/2020 - Color degradation mapping of rock art paintings using microfading spectrometry
31/10/2020 - Experimental study of the hygromechanical behaviour of a historic painting on wooden panel : devices and measurement techniques
31/10/2020 - Assessment of indoor air quality for a better preventive conservation of some French museums and monuments
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